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I Can Livelihood program revolves around women and housewives, who are from poor and less privileged communities, with the goal of empowering them with the knowledge, services and technologies that will lead them to new opportunities in life.

Livelihood campaigns implemented by I CAN Foundation have a strategically approach promoting quality in health, education, skills training, capacity building and awareness among women and girls coming from marginalised communities. In our all sustainable livelihood campaigns we have one thing in common is to: improving the bargaining power of poor and marginalised communities, improving their knowledge, empowering them with services and technologies.

I Can Foundation invests in building social capital, promoting collective power through self-help groups, supporting initiatives for the preservation of traditional art, and organising skill development training for youth and women under our project 'UDGAM'. Foundation's income generating activities specially for poor women have directly affected them financially.

I Can works with women, housewives and women small farmers in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand to improve sustainable wage employment, support agricultural practices, nutritional security and climate change. To bring security to the natural resource and rural basic needs, it is necessary to maintain resources for the future, promote individual and institutional capacities, and change vulnerability to risk in the areas of agriculture and livelihoods. Our work also focuses on building information on asset-base, knowledge, institutional rights and governance to improve climate resilience and nutritional security.

Empowering Women through Awareness

I CAN Foundation Livelihood program revolves around women and housewives, who are from poor and underprivileged communities, with the goal of empowering them with the knowledge, services and financials that will lead them to new opportunities in life.

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Program for self and wage employment

As of 2014, according to ILO data, there are 18.3 million unemployed in the country and this figure is going to be very frightening by the year 2019-2020, as the population increases in the country, job demand in the job market is increasing.

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Rural Basic minimum needs

I CAN Ensures basic minimum needs in rural and semi rural area like clean water, sanitation, clean water, electricity, education, Nutrition, environmental improvement of urban slums, income generation.

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Natural Resource Management

We aware about the importance of the natural resources, in todays life we forgot it's importance but natural environment plays a big role in the health and livelihood of those who rely on it as their sole source of income and food.

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In a compartmentalized world, the rights of women and those of children have often been promoted in isolation from one another.

"I CAN" shows how discrimination and other human rights violations against women affect children and vice versa.

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56 - C, First Floor, Opposite Hotel Hilton, Hawa Sadak,
Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006
Phone: +91 730 000 1413

Our Causes

We are effectively working for major development issues: promoting the human rights of adolescent girls, eliminating child marriage, Gender equality, the protection of human rights, especially of children, survival, protection, development and participation of every child and women of India.

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